Finding Money for ECM Projects

It is very clear that the financial crisis has severely impacted top-level technologies like Content Management.  The CIO, CFO, and the Management team may approach you, preaching the mantra of doom and gloom (budget cuts), Which means you need to find a way to do more with less.

So how do we find more money?  Where is it hiding? As a management consultant, this is what I do.  When clients and associates call me, feeling the pressure of the economy, I dive right in and start the hunt for revenue.

First, I look at the phone system.  Is it current?  Are you using VOIP and getting the features of a modern system?  If your system is more than 3 or 4 years old, I can find big bucks with a Telephony audit.  My vendors saved a client $20k per month last year – Almost a quarter of a million dollars in reduced expenditures!  This kind of money means staff retention, saving YOUR job, and found money for the sorely needed Content Management system.  Sometimes there is an initial cost, but Iwill provide an ROI model that makes it all clear.

Secondly, I look at the data center.  Do you need it?  Can we co-locate it?  Is it time to migrate to the Cloud? Are you using virtualization? Is remote hosting an option? Is there adequate power? is the power expensive (in NYC, YES!), and is the real estate more valuable as office space or data center? This will require new ways of thinking, but here is the Mantra:

If you keep doing what you have been doing,

You will keep getting what you have been getting.”

Change is the most difficult part of this formula.  If you are so ingrained and rigid that you can’t change, then consider preparing your resume.  Your replacement – trust me on this – will be a whirlwind of change and cost reduction.  Staffing levels are being reviewed all the time, and remember, we are staff, and no one is irreplaceable.  Keep in mind that change cannot be haphazard or impulsively implemented.  Planning and procedures must be in place to reduce the risk in moving to any new system.

There are lots of other places to find cost reduction.  Advertising.  SEO Services. Hosting costs.   The nuts and bolts of business must constantly be examined, verified, and checked for new efficiencies that drive costs down.

While attending the Interop show, I made  friends with a rep who turns a typical call center into a distributed call center, and this works either inbound or outbound;  your operators can work from home with an Internet connection (no commuting cost, no call center needed (no real estate costs), and all the work is done remotely using new high speed switch technology, video training, and on-line supervisors.  The software is amazing, especially when you realize the cost savings!

Before your projected budget sends you into a tailspin, consider some of the options I mentioned, send me an email ( to get specific details about where to start looking, and begin to change the perception of your management!  If you do this pro-actively, you will continue to be a trusted and neccesary member of your company’s management team.

There are new ways of doing business all around you; Web 2.0, on-line commerce,  new technology, and more.  It is very likely that your business can save real money, and reap the benefits of this change before all your competition does!

It’s time to carve out some time to get (someone like me) working to preserve your business and find the means to fund an ECM initiative.  It is very likely the money is right in front of you, we just need to expose it!

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